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Wait staff long working hours

  With the fast growth of the hospitality industry and the desire to be the best, many restaurants have long working hours. In my opinion that is fine, but my concern is why the waiters need to have the same long working shifts of 12 hours and more? One of the big problems in Eastern… Citește în continuare Wait staff long working hours

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What is happening with the hospitality?

Since my first arrival in Bucharest, Romania, I’ve noticed that many of the capital restaurants were having problem with their service staff. Many times I’ve asked my self why is that? I've worked before with Romanians, they are great colleagues and hard working people when they work outside their country. Why this isn’t the same… Citește în continuare What is happening with the hospitality?

Munca în echipă

The best team is the one that is wining.

Who knows the all the important details of your restaurant better than anyone? Your employees do! Those people who work in the trenches day in and day out may have a better understanding of their jobs, the equipment they use and the way your restaurant really works than you and your managers likely have. The problem… Citește în continuare The best team is the one that is wining.