Munca în echipă

The best team is the one that is wining.


Who knows the all the important details of your restaurant better than anyone? Your employees do!

Those people who work in the trenches day in and day out may have a better understanding of their jobs, the equipment they use and the way your restaurant really works than you and your managers likely have.

The problem is, many owners and managers don’t recognize the expertise of their staff, and lose in two ways: first, they fail to get employees’ ideas on ways to improve how things are done; and second, they lose opportunities to make employees feel involved in the business and build morale.

Encourage your managers to start treating employees as experts. You can take your staff from a group of people you’ve been trying to get more work out of, to a team of experts who can help you run your business better.

Here’s one of the best ways to tap into your employees’ expertise: The next time an employee comes to you with a question about how something should be done, just ask, „Well . . . what’s ‘your’ recommendation?

Make it a habit to listen to THEIR ideas first, BEFORE you have them listen to yours.

This simple approach will also save you and your managers time because it will help you get out of the problem-solving business.

Soon you’ll see people start to think before they run to a manager. Some will even start to solve problems themselves AND you’ll get some good ideas in the process.

Managers still need to make decisions, but asking your people for their input can be a meaningful first step for improving the culture of your restaurant.

Managers will begin to see themselves more as people developers, not as bosses, and employees will realize and take pride in knowing they’re an important part of your restaurant.

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