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What is happening with the hospitality?

Since my first arrival in Bucharest, Romania, I’ve noticed that many of the capital restaurants were having problem with their service staff.

Many times I’ve asked my self why is that? I’ve worked before with Romanians, they are great colleagues and hard working people when they work outside their country. Why this isn’t the same for the people who stay in Romania. Is it that they lack skills or is it something else?

I took some time out of my schedule and called up some friends to see how they are and to see if it was possible to see them and to try to put some light on my curiosity.

Marian was the first of my two stops for the weekend. We knew each other long time and had worked together. He was all the time on top of the game, anticipated every single desire that the guest had, one of the best people I’ve worked with. Upon my arrival to his house, he welcomed me in the traditional way, shot of palinca (traditional romanian drink, made of plums) and showed me the way straight to the table, which was set up for approximately 14 people. He explained that there was a baptism for the weekend and that some more family will be coming.

Once set down, Marian’s wife, took the control, form the appetizers, to the soups and main courses all the way to desert she was impeccable, 2 people serving 14 guests in a extremely pleasant and warm way, something that makes you wonder if you are in the same country where you have the concern if the people forgot their skills of being nice to other people.

Once the coffee was offered, I had the chance to ask just one single question: „How often does this happen? The answer was blowing my mind: „EVERY DAY”- he replied.

Thinking in the car was only one thing on my mind, what to expect next. My second stop was Vasile, former colleague and a great friend. Everything was exactly the same like the first with the difference that I was at another place, with another family and no baptism.

So my question was how is possible to receive such a warm welcome in someone’s house and not in the restaurants? Why is this happening?

Digging for the answers with some of the restaurant owners I had found my answers.


The problem is that in most of the restaurants in Bucharest the word most commonly use is I, I and I!!! There is no we, or us, or the team. It is plain and simple I. The common goals are never set. Same direction is missing.

Sure where there is no unity the things go in all directions. For sure where you have no real leader you do not know what is the right thing to do. Definitely where you have no ground rules, you do not care about anything.


The big conclusion is:

Hospitality exists but it is not practiced. Restaurant owners and managers, take action before it’s to late. Get your staff together and form a team. Act while you still have the chance, before it’s to late. LEAD BY EXAMPLE. Show them what they need to do. Earn their trust. Educate yourself to be the best. Smile and be proud of what you can do.


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