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Transform your restaurant into a client magnet


Client magnet


Training your employees thoroughly and correctly is integral to success of your restaurant. Transforming them into true professionals can sometimes be challenging but the outcome of your effort can be priceless.

The best way to maintain the success of your restaurant is to transform your employees into client magnets. Let them be who they really are, to expose their natural personality with your correct guidance. Every single employee in your restaurant has the possibility to transform your visitors into your regular clients.

Important steps in this process are to dedicate your time, have consistency and to execute professionally.

Dedicating your time is not that easy but having an hour a day, twice a week to spend with your employees means a lot to them and to your business. In that hour, go thru the daily challenges, see what your employees have to say about the operation itself, let them be your eyes when you are not there and listen carefully. Every single one of your employees is giving you his own version of the problem that the see on daily basis, it’s on you to find the solutions with them together. Ask your employees to suggest how they would resolve the certain situations. Install a „we are here for them” or „we treat our client like we want to be treated” policy and start enjoying how your clients talk about your restaurant and staff all around. That’s word of mouth marketing, completely free and very efficient!

Having consistency in a restaurant industry is a must. There are so many places that your clients can go if you do not show them that you have consistency in what you do. You are there to keep your regular clients and to make new ones, right! If you your clients notice that you do not have consistency in what you do they will feel like you do not have respect for them. THAT YOU DON’T CARE! We DO NOT want that.

When it comes to consistency you need to explain to your employees what is that you expect from them on a daily basis and to make sure that they are following up with those tasks.

In your restaurant you do not need a robotic service, where the waiter comes and just drops the menu on the table, you need a professionals that will personalize every single service that he does to every single client. From the moment the client has entered the restaurant, set down at the table, until the client is ready to leave and your waiter invites him to come back again. You will shortly notice that your revenue is bigger and your clients are more and more satisfied!

Professional execution is something that is a must. The most difficult to work is with other people, but being a professional does not make it such a difficulty. Weather your employee or you are having a bad day, once in the restaurant, leave all your problems at the entrance door, because once you pass that entrance door you are on the stage, under the spot light and everyone is looking at you expecting the best possible performance. Be professional and do your job with maximal professionalism to attract your clients to come back.

At the end of the day, you will all benefit from those returning clients and this is why you need to stay professional at all time while on duty!





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