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Customer service 101; Tips for Owners, Managers and Employees



Why is customer service important? The answer is simple: treating your customers well is essential to your restaurant and to your job. Learning how to give exceptional customer service is necessary for your business to succeed.

What can happen if the customer service is not a priority for your business? The answer again simple:

Our clients have many options and if they feel that they are there for you they will be on their way to another place where they will be welcomed.


Training, even if you have done it before can be a lot of fun as well a positive experience for the entire team. The key to holding a successful training lies in a good preparation. Preparations include:

  • Identifying your training needs
  • Defining learning outcomes
  • Planning your teaching method
  • Establishing time frames for teaching sessions
  • Preparing yourself for the training
  • Setting up the room, and most important
  • Following up after the training

The entire training can be done excellent but if you don’t follow up after the training and do not repeat it, training can be very easily forgotten.

The training session should be a positive experience for both the trainer and the trainee.

Important for a successful training is to be consistent with your team. Recognize good behavior yesterday, but ignoring it today will confuse your employees. Make sure your customer service is important every day. Then it will be important to your employees every day as well.



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