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How a simple NO can change your life



After spending my last 5 years working for the major hospitality company in the USA I moved to Romania. Country with great people, unlimited potential and a load of workforce and I started a HoReCa consulting company with my wife.

Wherever I used to work previous my colleagues were from the countries form Eastern Europe, Romanians, Bulgarians, Serbs, Macedonians, Bosnians.

These people are highly appreciated as workers in any foreign country because they give their best, they put loads of effort, which is by the way, respected and appreciated, and they are honest, except in their own counties, that’s one of the reasons they are leaving.

Being close to all of this people, made me think what forces them to make this kind a moves, to leave everything and go abroad to work.

One of the reasons I knew straight away, it was MONEY, but the rest was unclear.

Second reason was coming clear after loads of 1 on 1 sessions, and it is that they do not feel appreciated for the job that they are doing.

Third reason was just fantastic; they decide to leave their countries because they were hearing very often the NO word that they realize that this was the key for their success. Every time they were hearing the NO word they were becoming stronger, more confident and realizing that this was the way to move forward in their careers, their personal life and personal developing. JUST FANTASTIC!

So, Why is that we get defensive once we hear the NO word? Why we loose our confidence when we do not make the sales that we wanted? Why is that we cannot get over any refusal and move forward? Are we not ready? Are we afraid? What is that doesn’t let us move forward?

The answer: Fear of becoming better! Better person, Better employee, Better in what we do!

Key to success lies in accepting any NO as a possibility to improve and move forward with a lesson learned. Do not disregard this NO because it will not take you to the place that you desire. Work hard to transform that NO into a success for yourself. Tell people around you, I want to hear more of this fantastic NO word because I want to become better, I desire to improve myself and become the best!