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Why your employees are leaving you and how to make them stay (part 4)


They didn’t see much opportunity for career advancement.

Continuation of part 3…

A survey conduced on the Romanian market of 7,350 members across the entire country found that the number one reason workers quit their jobs was because they sought greater opportunities for advancement.

While it’d be nice to keep your most effective employees in their same roles forever, that’s not realistic. Your best employees will want to move up – and if your company doesn’t offer opportunities for them to do that internally, then they’re going to look elsewhere. In fact, the higher an employee’s degree level, they would want to move higher to the positions that challenge them to grow.

Tips for Fixing It

The best way to help your employees grow while staying at your company is to ensure they’re well aware of the opportunities for career advancement within their own company. Research found a possible discrepancy in perception versus reality: In one survey, on the Romanian market showed that 69% of HR managers in the Romania claimed employees at their companies knew about „internal mobility” programs at their workplaces, though only 25% of Romanian employees said they knew of them.

Of the survey respondents who changed jobs within their same companies, more than two-thirds reported they found out about the job through informal chats with coworkers, such as meeting up for coffee.

Your own employees can be the best sources of talent to tap when you have new openings at your company. Ideally, your employees should be finding out about these opportunities through your leadership team and by chatting openly with their managers about their career goals.

End of part four…

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