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Why your employees are leaving you and how to make them stay (part 3)


Your employees didn’t get along with their boss.

Continuation of Part 2

In a latest research conducted in Romania  on 7,200 adults surveyed, a whopping 50% have left a job „to get away from their manager.” 

There are countless reasons an employee would have trouble getting along with their boss. Maybe they don’t feel comfortable bringing up questions and issues. Or perhaps they don’t feel like their boss is an advocate of theirs. Human resources consultants are saying that, in their experience, employees who leave because of their boss leave from a lack of support and appreciation.

Whatever the reason, the key takeaway is that there’s a correlation between an employee’s comfort level with their boss and how engaged they are at work. Some 35% of workers in Romania reported they felt most comfortable approaching their managers with „any type of question” – and that same 35% also reported feeling actively engaged at work. That proportion quickly falls to 24% for those who gave the next-highest rating.

In another research of the Romanian market the employees were asked to rate their manager on specific behaviors related to communication, performance management, and strengths. They found that the ratings on these behaviors „strongly link to employee engagement and give organizations better insights into developing their managers and raising the overall level of performance of the business.”

Tips for Fixing It

Admittedly, it’s hard to know whether two people will really get along until they’ve spent some time working together. But you should do what you can to showcase to candidates what their boss is like during the interview process so you can address any red flags – like a personality mismatch – early in the process.

Alternatively, if several people under one manager have left the company, there’s a chance that manager was a bad hire in the first place, not the other way around.

It’s not enough to simply label a manager as „bad” or „good.” Instead, you need to dig in to what managers are doing to create or destroy engagement in your organization.

For many workers, the thought of openly giving feedback to your own manager can be intimidating. But employees that are significantly more engaged (74% versus 34%) when their managers ask for feedback on their performance. That’s why it’s important to implement formal opportunities for people to give feedback on their managers, just like most companies already give managers formal opportunities to give feedback on their team members.

End of part three…

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