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Why your employees are leaving you and how to make them stay (part 5)


Your employees didn’t have a good work-life balance.

Continuation of part 4…

Although it’s not necessarily popular opinion, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that people are happier at their jobs when they’re allowed more flexible work schedules and have lives of their own outside of work.

Workers who are allowed flexible work arrangements report greater job satisfaction and are more likely to stay at their current company, as well to bring higher profit to the restaurant.

Here’s what happens to you as a business if you give your staff a work-life balance. First, everybody wants to work for your business. Number two: People, once they start working in this environment, never want to leave it. Three: Every single person knows exactly what they’re supposed to deliver for the organization. People are truly happy.

If employees aren’t satisfied with their work-life balance, the employees will usually follow up with recruiters and outside job offers even if they’re only a little bit „angry, bored, or dissatisfied.”

Usually the hours are wearing on them or their spouse is on their case because they’re never home, A really good owner/manager thinks about the bigger picture and realizes people have lives outside of work.

Tips for Fixing It

Offering a flexible work-life balance can help your company cultivate a culture of trust and respect.

Everybody has a community outside of the office. Everyone has a life. If you make it a point to, that will bind your employees closer to you.

Respect your employees’ time outside the office, and embrace that they have fun and fulfilling lives of their own. If you’ve hired well, your people will want to work the extra hours you may occasionally.

End of part 5…

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