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How to keep your clients spending after the holiday season

Having the holiday season behind us most of the people were splurging very much. With January already here, most of them they will be on the tight budget and with not that much possibility to eat out or gather for a couple of drinks in your restaurant.

If you are restaurant owner or a manager you don’t want your restaurant to be one, that will be be avoided, because you are not prepared for this moments.

You need to be ready to change a bit your business to continue to make revenue and to keep those clients happy and coming back to you.

What you need to do is to prepare a strategy that will last through these months.


Know you battle strategy

You need to know what is your offer: Do you want to bring back your regulars and make them even more happier, or you want to bring new customers to your establishment.

After you figured out your first step, second step is easy.


No. 2

Unique offer

Make it easy for your clients to choose, from the numerous restaurants and choose YOURS, create a unique offer for them that will be attractive. (If a client makes a reservation for 4, tell them that the ladies from the group will pay 50% less) It’s just an example.


No. 3

Data base

Third step is very important! – Once you have the clients coming in, MAKE A DATABASE; ask for their info (Names, Dates of birth, Phone numbers) explain that you wish to build a restaurant loyalty program. This will also help you out in future, when you want to promote your restaurant, AND ITS ABSOLUTELY FREE.


No. 4

Engage your employees

Have a restaurant meeting both front of the house and back of the house and explain the importance of being on top of each and every client (You want your clients to be happy, right).


No. 5

Go digital

Use your database to promote your business, we live in a digital era, send „WhatsApp” messages or SMS to your clients about your daily special, weekly offers, engage your employees to invite the clients back with a special deal just for them.


Make your clients feel special. Give them the emotion that they deserve and your establishment will not have the difficulties in this slow period of the year after the holidays (January – March).

These five steps are created to help you out as much as possible to have a success in the period after the holiday season, which can sometimes be tough. Don’t be shy to try them because they actually work.

Do you want your restaurant to be different then other restaurants, you want to be successful and stand out from the whole lot of other restaurants? If the answer is Yes, the solution are these five steps.

Good luck!