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Tips and Tricks for restaurant owners and managers

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A short but very powerful list of tips and tricks for better operation in your restaurant.

  1. Have a clear idea on what exactly you want from your restaurant and write it down.

Many of the restaurant owners and managers have no system implemented, which makes their job more difficult. Implement a system!

  1. Provide your team the necessary tools to work with.

Most of the owners that I meat consider that the necessary tools for the operation are the inventory items. WRONG! How can the people work if they do not have the necessary knowledge? INVEST IN THEM, TRAIN THEM, AND EDUCATE THEM!

  1. Your restaurant has NO LOYAL CLIENTS, only VISITORS!

Improve your staff’s service; people want to feel like they are home, not at the bus station! Fixing this issue will bring you more LOYAL CLIENTS, but be careful, this will not happen overnight!

  1. Your restaurant is your pride and joy.

Hire people who care about HoReCa industry, who have passion for it.

Most of the times when we hire, we hire because of the experience, not for the passion and heart for the industry. LOOK BEYOND THE RESUME! HIRE YOURSELF GREAT PEOPLE.

  1. Treat your staff like you want your clients to be treated and they will treat the guests the same!

Show your staff that you care about them, besides being your employees; they are PEOPLE, like any of US.

  1. Consider rewarding your staff for the job great done!

Organize a dinner for all of your staff. Tell them simple TAHNK YOU ALL FOR A GREAT JOB YOU DO.

  1. Give your staff the liberty to go above their limits and do something extraordinary for the guest!

Give them the liberty to make decisions on their own for the guest satisfaction. Give them the power to be the owner at that moment.

  1. Get inspiration. Do BRAINSTORMING TOGETHER!

Organize a general meeting with your staff where you will share ideas for making your restaurant work even better.

  1. Make a difference, get yourself a SOP (Standard Operating Procedure manual) guideline book for all your staff where they will have the possibility to do trainings together and the same way. Not every man for themselves.


  1. Exercise service EVERY DAY!

Lead your team by example shows them what you expect from them. Do not just post something on the bulletin board exercise the same thing!

Impeccable service is learned and grown, not known!