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Why restaurant owners get no respect from their staff


Recently I had a client who was decided to improve his business by calling a restaurant consultant as for him to find out where are the problems, which he had in the restaurant and how to improve his business.

First meeting that I had with the respected owner was very open, he had some ideas where the problem was but was not sure if those are all of the problems, which he was facing.

When we have concluded the meeting I had offer him the possibility to hire me for a two week period with all cash back if he was not satisfied with the outcome of the consultancy.

The general meeting date was set up and I had left the restaurant with an entire list of observations that I could collect while I was talking to the owner.

Later on that day the owner called me to tell me that some of his staff could not make it to the meeting and that he had no idea what to do. The suggestion was to meet with the staff that was coming and to start the process of transformation.

The meeting was supposed to take place in his restaurant one week from the day we meet. The meeting was set up for 9:30 am.

On the morning of the meeting my team and I were there 10 minutes before to find the restaurant closed.

The back door was closed so we waited for a couple of minutes when the owner arrived.

Upon his arrival, the next person came after a 30-minute period and it was the cook. The waiter came 10 minutes before the opening and proceeded to light a cigarette straight away. RESTAURANT SERVES BREAKFAST AT 10!

The restaurant has in total 10 employees from which 2 couldn’t make it and with the majority we were supposed to have the meeting.

NEWS FLASH! The meeting never took place because only 2 people showed up.

When asked why the owner said. It is my fault I couldn’t make them. I was not decided enough.

What I APPRECIATED  was that he was honest.

What I do not understand is, who is the owner of YOUR restaurant? You? Your employees?

If you decided to have a restaurant and if you would like to have some success, make sure you have a set of rules implemented if you are not ready to have the entire SOP.


It will help you to drive your restaurant success further without any internal issues. As well it will give you the possibility to have your staff performing the same way like you are there and for you to be able to focus on other aspects of your business. The staff will have more respect for you, as well other way around. It is all about a simple set of rules and clear vision what do you want in your restaurant to happen.







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