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Importance of having a operating system in place in your restaurant



The well-known secret in having a success in running a restaurant is to have a plan, to know who your client target is, to create a system that is unique only for your restaurant and constant learning and improvement.

How in real life this reflects in restaurants is completely opposite. Many of the restaurants owners are having an idea but only known to them and not shared to the entire team. What happens with the employees in this situation is they themselves are left in dark to interpret the system, which may or may not exist. In many occasions employees are not even aware of the systems existence.

One of my potential clients called me and said that he would like to sit down and discuss the possibility of collaboration. When we first meet the restaurant that I came for the meeting was more like a coffee shop then a real restaurant. We sat and started the conversation, which from the beginning was going one direction the direction of the owner. He wanted to find out how he could attract more people to his restaurant in a short time and without too much work.

When I asked about the daily client flow at his restaurant, he told me that on an average base there are about 20 people coming into his restaurant, what he explained to me was that he has no regulars he only has „visitors”, because his wait staff didn’t have what it takes to bring the clients back and make them his regulars! When I asked about his restaurant manuals he answered, „I don’t have them and they are not the priority now, the main priority now is to bring the guest to the restaurant because I’m losing money”.

The solution was relatively simple from my point of view, TRAIN THE OWNER, implement the system and train the wait staff, personalize the trainings for the restaurants needs. It is time consuming but highly efficient. From my clients point of view it was taking to much time, which he didn’t have or didn’t want to make.

So now my question is, how you as a restaurant owner can run a successful restaurant without any system in place, where the atmosphere is chaotic and people do not know what are their job and their responsibilities?

The solution to your success lies in a person, restaurant consultant who knows about the restaurant business, has worked in the industry and knows the importance of the well working system, which finally leads to your success.

Taking a 30-minute of your busy daily schedule to meet a restaurant consultant who can analyze your business in a matter of minutes, offer solutions to your challenges can be benefiting for both you and your business. So what are you waiting for? Act now!

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