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What or even better who is the one that brings clients back to your restaurant?


Recently I meet a gentleman who had a desire to bring his restaurant back on track of success. We exchanged numbers and moved on. When I have called to set up a meeting he told me that he is available in 2 hours to meet and discuss the possible solutions for his restaurant.
When we first meet I proposed for him a two week trial period for him to see what my company is all about.

Later on that day when we meet I came to the restaurant, which from outside was looking decent, but inside was kind a small, dark and not aerated sufficiently.

At the entrance a waiter welcomed me in his 40s with a cigarette in his mouth and a coffee next to him.

The owner, a very outgoing person and a very welcoming personality came out and we set down to talk about the possible solutions.

I didn’t even have the chance to introduce my company, the owner fired straight away with the question or myself: How can you help me.

Having no time to asses the place I asked what is his problem. The answer was simple. He needs clients.

Way of having clients in your restaurant depends on many things, such as, location, quality of food and service, the staff manner, welcoming of the restaurant etc.

When I asked why he doesn’t have clients he told me that he was 2 month’s out of Bucharest on a vacation and that the restaurant was on autopilot.

Who is the one to blame here? ME? The owner? Or, maybe the clients?

The obvious response was that the one to blame are the clients because they don’t come back.

After a 2-hour discussion he said that he is willing to accept my proposal of two-week trial period and that he is open for any kind a suggestion.

Next time I had came and talks with him I asked him what he thinks about his staff?

He said that he is not satisfied but that they are not the problem for the clients and their absence.

Doing an assessment I have found many problems in the same staff that he had said earlier that are not the problem. You are not even feeling welcomed when you sit the first time, even less of thinking to go back.

After the full report that was submitted he came with a question. You think my staff and me are the problem? YES, the answer was very simple. If you do not train people to welcome your guest you will not even get any clients, your restaurant will have only visitors and that’s it.

Important thing about having a restaurant is: if you are not the part of the solution, you are part of the problem! Train your staff; people are not born with knowledge, they learn in time. It is possible to train them and teach them anything, important is to dedicate your time and put some effort. Lead by example. Never the less, I will be starting next week with a transformation which will lead to having outstanding staff, regular clients, free marketing, and happy people.


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