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Increase your restaurant sales with one simple trick

With the winter almost over and spring knocking on our door step, with a lot of sunny days coming our way, the flow of clients in restaurants and coffee shops will sky rocket.

On March the 17th the NO SMOKING law will go into action and you are wondering how to keep you clients happy and how to increase you sales. Answer to this questions lies in the small trick of organizing you moves strategically.

If you are planning to invest in re-furbishing or re-designing your place, think twice, because it can back fire on you. You will block some funds with no guarantee when you will be getting them back.

My suggestion is to focus on training your staff in active selling of your menu items top to bottom. What I mean with this is that you need to switch focus from just selling food and to move to the lane of selling food and suggesting drinks.

For an example:

You are a restaurant on the busy street, people know that you have a great pasta dish and they come for that pasta, they enjoy it and they order maybe a bottle of water or coffee after they are done. It is acceptable, right?


You are a restaurant on a busy street, people know that you have a great pasta dish and they come for that pasta.

Your waiter comes, greats your guests and offers them a moment of his time, (the clients are there for us, not the other way around).Once they are seated, your waiter comes and starts to explain them what is the Chef’s recommendation for the day and offers a glass of wine with that pasta dish. Sounds different already! Right?

Once your client is done with his pasta and wine, your waiter goes one more time and offers maybe one more glass of wine or proceeds to offer desert and coffee, but not just any coffee a specialty coffee after the meal! (EX. Irish Coffee, Caramel Mocha etc. etc.) List has no end, and it all depends on your imagination.

Before the client leaves your waiter goes one more time to the table, makes sure that the client enjoyed and invites him to come back one more time.

Simple thing of transmitting emotions starting from YOU, THE OWNER, your Chef, THE ARTIST, YOUR WAITER, THE AMBASSADOR to YOUR CLIENT WHO IS THE TARGET, that person that enjoyed the most that emotion transmitted, who will go around and transmit those emotions lived at your restaurant to other people and market your restaurant absolutely for free.

Simple step but extremely powerful, used in a right way will make your results fantastic.

If you wish to maximise your restaurant sales and to bring even more cash flow, you need to master this Selling technique. Sell actively. Good Luck.

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