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How to transform guest into your LOYAL CLIENTS

Smiling waitress serving dinner to senior couple at restaurant

What are loyal clients? Who they are? Where can I find them? Why my restaurant does not have many loyal clients?

These are some of the questions that I got in the past few weeks. After being asked all of this above I decided to take a moment and find out what is the problem caused by.

Many restaurant owners are asking themselves why is that they do not have many loyal clients and after having the chance to visit some of the restaurants in Bucharest downtown I immediately saw and recognized the problem!

Most of the restaurants are not emphasizing enough to build a relationship between the clients and it comes to that point where the clients want something different. They want to be recognized for the „effort” that they are making and spending their hard earned money in the restaurant of their choice.

The market is changing fast and with that change so are the clients.

After choosing my first restaurant as my stop, once I sat down the waiter came to me and just dropped the menu and left. After some 5 minutes he came back with the empty questions what would you like? After ordering coffee, before the waiter left, I asked a simple question, How is your day? The only answer that I got back was I am ok.

Drinking the coffee was a pleasure, seeing the waiter not interested was something else. I asked for the check and the same waiter came, laid down the check and left.

I left the restaurant energized from the coffee but empty from the point of being a client in Bucharest town.

Once on my way I asked myself maybe it is just one waiter having a bad day. Same had happened in the next few. Waiters on autopilots and with no effort to please the clients.

Now the answers are very simple:

You do not have any clients because you do not train your staff to build relationships with the future possible LOYAL CLIENTS.

You, the restaurant owners do not have any relationship with your staff.

The LOYAL CLIENTS are the people who receive the necessary attention and feel welcomed to come back to you.

Your loyal clients are all around you and they need to be impressed to become your everyday clients. But you need to start building some relationship with them.

Your restaurant DOES NOT HAVE many loyal customers because you do not take care even of the ones that you have and saying this people who do not get the necessary attention they will go and speak loud about the problem, resulting you loosing most of your LOYAL CUSTOMERS.

Conclusion: If you want success in your restaurant, If you want more clients and more LOYAL CLIENTS, If you want more profit and lower costs YOU MUST START BUILDING RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR EMPLOYEES AND WITH YOUR CLIENTS.

This is the only way that you will have success in your business!

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