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10 Thing every restaurant owner should not tolerate



Many restaurant owners have a good relationship with their wait staff and most of the times they see something that they don’t like and still do not act, therefore the problem becomes very obvious and can lead to big frictions inside the restaurants. These are my top 10 things you should never tolerate inside your restaurant. These list also works for the restaurant owners who are the LEADERS in their business.


  1. You should NEVER tolerate POOR COMMUNICATION.
  1. Never tolerate tardiness of your wait staff, it transforms to your restaurant.
  1. Never tolerate your wait staff slacking during empty hours fill up their empty hours with something useful.
  1. You should never tolerate your wait staff not knowing the product and offer.
  1. Never tolerate your wait staff, which doesn’t put any effort in bringing profit to the restaurant.
  1. Never tolerate bad behavior both from wait staff and clients.
  1. You should never tolerate a messy restaurant.
  1. You should never tolerate yourself being satisfied with the current situation in your restaurant.
  1. You should never tolerate your wait staff having brakes in plain sight of the guests
  1. NEVER tolerate MEDIOCRITY.

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