Reducere costuri în restaurant

Cut your losses, trim down the menu.

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Independent restaurants are notorious for adding new menu items but not retiring any for fear of not having someone’s favorite.

This often leads to a bloated menu with more variety but a kitchen that is needlessly complex with lots of recipes and too many inventory items.

A quick analysis revealed that the 4 top selling appetizers made up nearly 70% of the total appetizer sales. At the urging of an outside consultant they reluctantly agreed to eliminate several of the slowest selling appetizers, especially those that required products that weren’t used in any other menu items.

The result was the elimination of 4 appetizers and several products from inventory that were no longer needed. Their appetizer sales didn’t skip a beat, and they received only a few comments from customers who asked about a missing menu item.

Sometimes deciding what to remove from your menu is just as important as deciding what to add.

Streamlining your menu can result in tighter focus on your core menu offerings (that you want to do exceptionally well), less inventory on the shelf, a more efficient kitchen, and less prep.

Fewer choices can also make it easier to steer customers to select the items you really want them to buy (high quality, easy to make, and high profit).

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