Abilitati Angajati Salon

Abilități salon

What do you mean when you say Abilitati Personal Salon?- August 2015

Are they educated? Are they trained properly? Are they ready to reflect the image of your restaurant to your clients?

All this questions are popping every day, in all the possible or impossible moments. The way that you are gonna be able to resolve them is simply having the chance to put your priorities and desires in order.

Ive started working in HoReCa industry with the age of 12. Needed some money for the upcoming summer and decided to start in a local pub during the weekend just helping out and washing the glasses. My first day was full with fear, I could be able to stay awake until 01 after the midnight, am I going to do my job correct, could I be of service to the people who I would be working with? All this questions disappeared after just 15 minutes with the team when I came to the pub. The team accepted me with a big smile and warmth, people who were at least 10 years older then me. You know what I learned first? We are a big family, all of us make mistakes, its normal. This came out from the manager of the restaurant which at the same time was a server at the pub. The night started slow, as the time was passing the pub was getting slowly full, to that moment whet the peak of the night came and WE were full. No place where to move and pass, my station, the famous dish washing sink, was full with dirty, empty glasses which needed to be washed fast in order for us to have a smooth night. People at the bar counter screaming, shouting, having fun, no one looking at what you are doing or are you able by yourself to wash that amount of glasses. They wanted to be happy and taken care of. After a full 3 hours staying continuously at my washing sink station, the night was done. Time to finish and go home. I have just finished with the remaining of glasses that were inside the sink, polished them and arranged them back as they were when I first entered when I was called on the side and told that my presence was needed with the rest of the team. Didn’t sound to me well, and with a dose of fear I have joined the rest of the team. The manager was summarizing the night and the rest of the team was paying close attention, then the moment that I feared the most, my name was pronounced out loud! Mladen, said the manager, you being the youngest member of our team have the chance to tell us how was your night. I’ve stood there and kept quiet, my lips were trying to say something but my mouth was not moving. For a time that for me sounded like ages for the team was just a moment, and then I heard the manager again, it happened to all of us. It’s normal. Welcome to the team.

The rest of the team started laughing and me, I was realizing that what just have happened will stay with me forever. I fell in love with the field of hospitality, and for the next several years working summers in the same pub, I ended up on the manager position, that manager position that help me feel like I was not only the part of the team but a big part of the family, helping the new coming people feel the same way like I did. Part of the team, but most important part of the family.

Abilitati personal salon, you are not born with them, they are given to you with time and patience from your managers and owners. You will spend hours on trainings, practicing what you study live with clients, you will have, sometimes good, sometimes bad days, but with the but the most important is that you need to feel that you are a part of something. Thats why Hoppity Group Consulting will help you analyze your business and with our experts we will train your staff and management to have the ability to represent your company proud and with great pleasure to your clients.(M.M.)

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