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Hoppity Group Consulting is a team of highly motivated and dedicated individuals, who are working with great passion to come up with solutions for our clients needs. We are using highly personalized way of approaching our clients who are willing to go step further in letting us make their needs and dreams come true.

One part of Hoppity Group Consulting is working to plan, organize and execute events, such as weddings, baptisms, wedding anniversaries, birthday parties, while the other part is finding solutions and ways to make restaurants and their teams bloom, no mater if the restaurant is just on it’s opening path or in the middle with some restructuring. We provide unreserved attention to details and absolute satisfaction and pleasure to our clients.

Hoppity Group Consulting Team

O bună gazdă este tot ce aveți nevoie în restaurantul vostru.
Vă ajutăm să deveniți una.

Iată serviciile oferite de partenerul nostru, Mladen. Mulțumim că ne ești alături în crearea unor experiențe inedite!